Cigarette smoke provokes snoring in child

Some changes in our body can signal that the body something is wrong. Snoring can be considered as such a signal. The real punishment is to be close with someone who snores the night. He sleeps and you constantly have to push it.

Scientists from China have conducted more than 20 studies, which was devoted to the influence of cigarette smoke on children's health. Experts pointed out that maternal Smoking after birth 90% increases the risk of snoring. Chinese scientists examined more than 80,000 children. About it reports The Daily Mail. Very often snoring is a harbinger of health problems. High risk of of snoring was observed in those children whose mother smoked. If in the family father smoked, the risk of snoring was increased by only 40%. Scientists can't find out why cigarette smoke causes snoring.

A year ago, engineers worked quickly and effectively to stop snoring. Presented innovative drug. It allows you to deal with annoying snoring. The device must be installed under the chin. This device is a fabric pouch. The device is more reminiscent of a mask, which moved on the chin. It allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate snoring during sleep. In addition, an innovative device collects information about a person during a night's rest. The system must be connected with a mobile app. It will still be monitored.

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