Cigarette production in Russia will become unprofitable

According to the latest data, the Russians began to smoke less. The trend is that the number of smokers will only decrease from year to year. Employees of the state Duma can further tighten the rules on tobacco products, if the initiative will collect 100 thousand signatures.

Then the cigarette manufacturers will be obliged to write on packs full composition of their products, including side raw materials, to describe substances produced during combustion and smoldering tobacco.

In addition, each year the tobacco manufacturers will be obliged to publish its financial report, including expenditures and revenues. By 2017, the excise tax will increase by 2.5 times. Only then, according to experts, the cost of cigarettes will equalize done to the country harm from Smoking. Every year 400 of thousands of Russians die from diseases associated with tobacco products.

The last requirement: controlling tobacco companies operating in Russia should not be foreign companies and persons today, 90% of companies in Russia is a multinational. As you can see, the government took serious measures for tobacco producers and protecting the lives of citizens.

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