Chronic stress accelerates the spread of cancer throughout the body

Thanks to the opening can be changed approaches to the treatment of cancer patients. Scientists from the University of Meassage in the experiment with laboratory mice found that chronic stress significantly accelerates the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. As a result, the disease becomes advanced stage before.

The key role scientists attribute to the adrenaline. This hormone is under constant exposure increases the rate of lymphatic drainage from a tumor. Thus, cells of the primary tumors faster and in larger quantities spread throughout the body. Adrenaline affects the lymphatic system through the nerve, writes The Age.

The conclusion of researchers is quite simple: it is necessary to review additional methods for treatment of cancer. Together with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient should receive sedatives. Well, if every sick person with malignant tumor will be under the supervision of a psychologist. The scientists also tested a group of drugs block the adrenaline. As the volunteers were patients with breast cancer.

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