Chronic prostatitis treatment

A chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland is called chronic prostatitis. This type of pathology seriously treated classical pharmacological methods. Treatment usually consists of:

• prolonged intake of antibiotics in large doses;

• perform prostate massage;

• passing of physiotherapeutic procedures;

• the use of auxiliary medicines that improve the work of the authority.

The drug Prostatilen will help to raise the efficiency of these activities, as it is normally very high. The symptoms go on for some time, then arise with renewed vigor. Happen relapse due to poor supply of the prostate blood flow worsened in the development of the inflammatory process. So for antibiotic access to the prostate gland is closed. In addition, under their long-term effects suppressed by General and local immunity, which also serves as a prerequisite for the aggravation of the disease.

Through the use of Prostatilen reduces the swelling of the body, improves microcirculation and platelet-derived permeability in vascular hemostasis. Made the tool on the basis of extracts from prostate bull. In addition to the General anti-inflammatory properties, it also possesses antimicrobial activity, ability to restore the natural protective mechanisms of the body affects the drug in the muscle tone of the bladder.

Scientific experiments conducted in the 90-ies showed that men who took Prostatilen experienced improvement in hormonal levels. Because the prostate is the organ, which is dependent on the hormone system. Experience in the use of funds includes tens of thousands of men, in which scientists have come to the following conclusions:

• proven effectiveness of Prostatilen in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and its consequences;

• when a drug no matter the stage of the disease;

• the use of tools not found any harmful effects on the body, i.e. allergic reactions, side effects, etc.

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We recommend adoption of Prostatilen and as a preventive measure by the appearance of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.

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