Chronic periodontitis affects normal personal life

If a man does not respect the basic rules of oral hygiene, then, apart from gum disease, it can deal with erectile dysfunction. According to The Daily Mail, according to a study by experts from Turkey, gum inflammation causes a threefold increase in the risk of the problem.

They have compared 80 men 30-40 years who had dysfunction, and 82 people from the control group. To assess health status, the researchers used the international index of erectile function and checking the gums (the presence of plaque, bleeding, reel teeth). In the first group, 53% had an inflammation of the gums. The second group had a 23% thereof. Taking into account external factors revealed an increase in 3,29 times the risk of sexual problems due to periodontitis.

According to the head of the doctor Faith Oguz from the University of Inon, worldwide diagnosed with erectile dysfunction - 150 million. Physical factors are the cause of the problem in 2/3 cases. All the others due to emotional stress and depression.

It is known that chronic periodontitis causes heart disease and blood vessels, for example, coronary heart disease associated with erectile dysfunction. The situation is made worse by Smoking.

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