Chronic obstructive bronchitis

Many harmful factors, including Smoking can cause lung cancer. But this perspective seems so far away. But buy chronic obstructive bronchitis is not difficult, the first sign of what will become a paroxysmal cough. Chronic obstructive bronchitis is a nonspecific inflammatory disease of the bronchi, which directly leads to disorders of pulmonary ventilation. The latter is manifested by shortness of breath, cough and sputum.To talk about the usual chronic bronchitis is possible only under the following conditions: the duration of cough at least 3 months per year for at least 2 years in a row. Obstructive bronchitis differs from the normal and the symptoms depend directly on the stage of the disease. Bronchitis is predisposing to other obstructive lung diseases. Often chronic diseases develop slowly, which delays the manifestation of the first symptoms.First messengers of the disease are shortness of breath and cough, sometimes it might be phlegm. These symptoms patients report in the morning. Usually, at first there is a cough, but a few years after - shortness of breath, which cannot be associated with physical exercise. Sputum, usually separated by a small amount and has a slimy character. The pus may occur during the infectious flow, which confused patients with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. The more time passed from the onset, the smaller the intervals between relapses.

The severity of dyspnea and cough depends on the degree of obstruction (obstacles) bronchial pathways and anatomical composition. When disease progression is attached wheezing, which can be captured with the rapid exhalation. The doctor auscultation detects the presence of a different calibre of wheezing. Shortness of breath can take place only after physical exertion, and may be a major cause for lack of obtaining oxygen. When the lack of oxygen the lungs often begin to decline, the end result is the increase in the size of the chest from front to back. Itself aperture ceases to participate in the act of breathing, wheezing may disappear, the duration of the exhalation increases.Treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitisdiscount few classic ways that allow for the identification of chronic obstructive bronchitis. Usually doctors rely on the presence of wheezing and elongation of output (more than 5 seconds), but in addition, the doctor may order a chest x-ray in order to accurately verify the presence of this disease. If the bronchitis was caused by long-term Smoking, you should eliminate this external factor. The patient must understand that Smoking is harmful, and that there are alternative nicotine products and the NLP practitioner course. Next, you need to develop an individual treatment program, the patient must learn how to properly and timely use of drugs. The patient must understand that many environmental factors directly affect health. The Central mechanism of the disease is bronchial obstruction, which can be managed with bronchodilators (methylxanthines drugs, 2-agonists, anticholinergic). Also important is the regulation of sputum discharge, use mukoregulirutm drugs, type: Ambroxol, Bromhexine, Alllisten. You can use natural analogues: the bark of the elm, thyme, licorice root. Sometimes to chronicity can join the infection, then the sputum becomes purulent. In this case, it is customary to prescribe antibiotics. And the patient should be aware of proper water and nutrient balances in the body, which will undoubtedly help in the treatment.

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