Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is called the constant physical and mental weakness of character that lasts more than 6 months and not due to known reasons.

The development of this disease is associated with neurosis centers regulation of the autonomic nervous system. This is due to the inhibition of the activity zone, which controls the braking. The development of this condition trigger an inappropriate emotional-intellectual activity and reduced physical activity.

Predisposing factors:

1. Unfavorable sanitary conditions.

2. Poor environmental situation.

3. Chronic pathology.

The exact reasons for the development of chronic fatigue syndrome are not fully known. One of the main roles played by the infection. Patients noted the detection of cytomegalovirus, herpes virus etc. it Is believed that the syndrome is associated with a constant stimulation of the cells of the immune system by infectious agents. As a result, induces the production of cytokines that cause fever, chills, muscle aches, and General malaise.

Early stage chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by typical clinical manifestations:

1. The appearance of weakness, progressive disorders of attention, irritability.

2. Repetitive and progressive pain in the head, the occurrence of which is not due to any pathological process.

3. Drowsiness during the day and insomnia at night.

4. Reduced efficiency. In some cases, sick people begin to apply various psychoactive drugs.

5. The decrease in body weight. However, a sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, is the development of obesity.

6. The occurrence of pain in the spine.

7. Depression, loss of emotional stability.

This disease is manifested by a constant feeling of fatigue, lethargy, aching joints, depression, sleep disorders, etc. At the physiological level evidence of this disease is slower metabolism and rapid accumulation in the body of toxic substances. Due to the inability of the immune system to carry out normal activities, a particular sensitivity to viral and bacterial infections.

This syndrome may be complicated pathology of the Central nervous system, brain, endocrine and immune systems.

During the diagnostic procedures necessary to eliminate the fatigue of a chronic nature as the initial sign of the development of other pathologies. For this purpose we conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient. Don't forget that chronic fatigue can be a normal phenomenon in the recovery period after illness.

The main principle of the struggle with CFS is a complex approach. The treatment program consists of the following items:

1. Optimization of the mode of recreation and physical activity.

2. Adherence to special diets.

3. Intake of vitamins B1, B6 and C.

4. Holding total or segmental massage, and physical therapy.

5. The use of active methods of normalization emotional state. It is, for example, about autogenic training.

6. The use of immunomodulators with adaptogenic action (Traumeel).

7. The use of symptomatic drugs.

In most cases, the disease does not pose a threat to the patient. The outcome of the disease is the cure.

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