Chronic fatigue can be infected

Chronic fatigue has become a real scourge in modern society. To determine the nature of this disease, scientists have not succeeded, but at present, victims of chronic fatigue are more than 17 million patients worldwide. American scientists after analysis of the results of the conducted researches speculate that viral nature of chronic fatigue.

A group of experts under the leadership of Judy Mikovits after examining 100 volunteers diagnosed with chronic fatigue, obtained evidence in 68 of them special XMRV virus. However, having examined the healthy control group, the researchers found they have this virus only 3.7% of cases.

Studies have allowed researchers to conclude that XMRV belongs to the group of so-called retroviruses. The property of these viruses is that their action they are like AIDS, infecting the body only once, but the rest of his life.

However, scientists urge not to jump to conclusions as final evidence of viral fatigue to the present moment does not exist.

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