Disorders of intestinal flora can lead to the aggravation of the chronic fatigue syndrome. So say experts from Cornell University. They found biological markers associated with chronic fatigue. Part of the substances synthesized by microorganisms living in the gut. The results of the study tells the newspaper The Times of India.

It is possible that probiotics can speed up getting rid of syndrome. Scientists conducted an experiment involving 38 volunteers with miliceiskii encephalomyelitis and 39 healthy people. The subjects took samples of feces and blood. Only two analyses allowed the scientists in 83% of cases to identify people with encephalomyelitis with my eyes closed.

As it turned out, the intestinal flora is closely connected with the mental state of the person. Constant fatigue intestinal flora becomes less diverse. The first to suffer the anti-inflammatory bacteria. Similar processes are observed in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

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