Chronic adnexitis - the threat of infertility

Chronic adnexitis is a long - lasting inflammatory process of the uterus, which often leads to infertility in women. This terrible diagnosis can deprive women of the opportunity to feel like a mother, so it is important to start treatment and regularly engage in the prevention of exacerbations. As shown by the latest clinical research, one in five women with chronic adnexitis is unable to conceive and bear children.

Any inflammation, infection, and in the case of chronic adnexitis infection, the leading factor of the disease. In the role of infection can be viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, which, as a rule, the weakening of the immune system causes inflammation of the uterine appendages.

Therapeutic measures for chronic adnexitis are in the fight against infection (antibiotic therapy), increase the body's natural defenses (immune modulators and vitamins), physiotherapy. It is important all treatment activities to start as soon as possible after diagnosis, as in inflammation adhesions are formed from connective tissue that violate the patency of the fallopian tubes, leading to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

After treatment requires annual monitoring specialist gynecologist, who, as a rule, after inspection, recommends preventive measures include immunomodulators, vitamins, physiotherapy.

As for the prevention of inflammation effective natural antioxidants contained in large quantities in fruits, vegetables and green tea.

Remember, chronic adnexitis is not a sentence, and it is important not to delay the visit to the specialist and timely treatment.

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