Christmas table: the mandarins and champagne were the most dangerous

According to the majority, Christmas buffet, replete with a variety of dishes that will ensure prosperity for the whole year. But it is necessary to keep up with what filled the table, because some products, Your health can suffer quite a negative impact.

First of all danger mayonnaise. Not counting Olivier, this product is found in many other dishes. According to the recommendations of nutritionists, these salads should be eaten at the beginning, but it is better instead to use in salads, cooked in vegetable or olive oil. Unsafe and cocktails, as by mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, you can get a severe hangover.

Champagne is considered a symbol of the holiday, but doctors recommend drinking no more than one glass, as this drink causes heartburn. Rather harmful fatty meats in large quantities. Nutritionists recommend to replace them with chicken or rabbit, which themselves more diet. If you have gastritis, colic, etc., should not lean on the mandarins, as this may adversely affect your intestines and the stomach mucosa.

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So, organizing Christmas table, be careful to preserve the health of not only yourself but also your loved ones.

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