Choral singing will replace going to a shrink

Choral singing improves mood and helps in solving domestic issues, has established a group of scientists from Oxford Brookes University, headed by Nick Stewart. In research took part 375 people. Some sang in the choir, who themselves studied singing, someone in team sports.

Each of the activities had a good impact on psychological health. However, scientists are especially noted choral singing. This hobby is able to rally a large group of people. Participants perceive the choir as something special and serious. People thus believe that they are doing a really important lesson. Choral singing gives the person a role in cell function, and it directly affects the quality of the executable.

The data obtained can be used to treat various mental disorders. We have shown that choral singing is helpful for people with Parkinson's disease, depression, disorders of the respiratory system.

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Singing develops lungs, improves ear for music, improves mood through the release of the hormone of joy. Oxytocin reduces stress levels, improves wellbeing and synchronizes the heart rhythm.

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