Choose natural wool plaid

As nice on cold winter nights wrapped in a woollen blanket and watch an interesting film. Only the question is, what is better to buy wool plaid and what are its benefits?

Actually benefit from wool plaid a lot:

1.It does not infest ticks;

2. Can relieve stress;

3. Helps with arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis;

4. Relieves headache;

5. It does not accumulate dust.

Each type of plaid its own special qualities that make them unique. The main thing is that the rug is wool animals like sheep, goat, rabbit, llama, camel. And each wool plaid their quality and useful properties.

Yet every useful things has its drawbacks, this plaid rolling wool pellets. But very careful storage and proper washing or cleaning will help avoid this.

Woolen plaid Merino wool.

He is the most warm and elastic. Plaid has a good thermostatic property and does not irritate the skin. Wool plaid cut exclusively with the withers, which gives a thicker fibers that retain heat.

Plaid Angora.

Warm, fluffy and very soft wool plaid rabbit is very good, but it has several disadvantages. He too often peeling off, so it cannot be washed. Also it includes not only the rabbit, but Merino wool. And they require very careful storage.

Plaid made of camel wool.

This blanket has a lot of advantages. It warms in the cold and in the heat does not give you "overheat". It also absorbs toxins and positive effect on the skin. Also helps with disease of the nervous system. Repels dust and is not electrified. And how strange can protect you from electromagnetic fields.

Woolen plaid cashmere.

Plaid made from down the mountain goats. He is the gentlest of all the blankets, but also the most expensive. Its main advantages is that it does not cause allergies and gives comfort, every day. The composition of the blanket includes synthetic fibers.

Plaid from Alpaca or Lama.

He has practical the same as that camel plaid, but it has its advantages. The main thing is that this blanket does not form pellets and can last longer. The downside is that it is not used in its pure form, because its fiber is very hard and can cause discomfort. Save this blanket from moths can only use cedar and lavender.

When choosing wool plaid do not forget about its benefits and quality.

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