Choose crowns on front teeth

Hollywood smile should be not only among the public people. The employer when hiring first drew his attention to the appearance of a future employee. And whatever record specialist, neglected teeth and a rumpled suit first impression can spoil.

Visiting a dentist is not only in cases where the tooth has no help, only destruction. A variety of dental services has greatly increased over the past two decades. The treatment was practically painless. In addition, appeared most likely to save even half a damaged tooth with pulpitis. Front tooth thirty years ago to save it was almost unreal. The only solution was to put a gold or iron crown on the front teeth, and it is quite aesthetically pleasing look.

If the tooth is slightly worse preserved, it will suit classic ceramic crown. Although do not forget that metal is quite vulnerable material. You should not think that under ceramic crown of the tooth can not do anything to happen, because the impact of caries ceramics are not affected. Ceramics for temperature effects responds like a healthy tooth.

Innovations in prosthetics front teeth are Lumineers and veneers. This porcelain plates, which are attached to the outer side of the tooth. Clearly, they can only be used if the tooth is preserved, at least partially. Plates are used for healthy tooth, where there are stains or which darkens with time. They help and when cracks and chips, dark fillings. Lumineers are thinner than veneers and much more expensive. However, you should prefer to give it to them. Lumineers is applied without preliminary preparation of the tooth. Adapts much faster than veneers that require grinding of the tooth. When using veneers possible allergic reaction.

In the complete loss of the tooth may also plenty of options prosthetics. The most expensive is implantation. It is a laborious and lengthy process. Therefore, the cost of implantation leads to abandon it.

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Despite the large number of innovations in prosthetics front teeth should not forget the fact that something that is absolutely free of charge gave you nature not be able to give for any money, no dentist. Take care of your teeth.

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