Choose a treadmill to practice at home

It is not always possible to do a run somewhere in the Park, and to maintain physical fitness and health this is not a tribute to fashion, but a strict requirement of modern life. Therefore, more and more people tend to run at home.

Deciding to go Jogging, without going outside, there is a need to purchase a treadmill. Now the treadmill for the home is becoming a popular and effective trainer, because it helps to keep the body toned. But to buy it "his way", you just need to familiarize yourself with all the information about this simulator, which effortlessly can be found on the websites of online stores. After analyzing all found the amount of information you can proceed to the selection of the treadmill.

Types of treadmills

- mechanical;

- magnetic system load;

- electric.

Mechanical paths are driven by their own efforts, that is, with the help of legs, although these simulators provide significant stress on the joints, but their advantage is that this track will be comparatively inexpensive.

Treadmills with a magnetic system according to the principle of operation is similar to mechanical, their difference - smoother transition from walking step to run. This track is ideal for people who purchase such equipment for recovery after injury or illness.

Finally, the tracks of the electric actuator is equipped with an electric motor, built-in computer control system, pulse, speed paintings tracks workout time and burned calories. These treadmills due to its more equipment and greater opportunities to control the load and health of the person, respectively, and are more expensive than the first two types of racing simulators, their price also depends on engine power: the greater the capacity, the higher the cost.

Brands of different features about the same

Once upon exercise treadmill, you should choose the country of manufacture. Undisputed world leaders, producing treadmills high quality, it is: Matrix, Johnson, TITAN, Horizon Fitness, STRONGMAN, Vision Fitness, Treo fitness, WNQ, Inter Atletika, GRAND, BH Fitness, Alex, Steel Flex, although in principle the General specifications of treadmills, they offer very similar. Therefore, choosing the brand trainer, you should carefully study the instructions where clear enough describes the indications for its use, its functions and additional features: - possible interleaving physical activity, calories burned over time workout, the speed of movement of the running belt.

A thorough study attached to the simulator documentation, will allow you to compare the features and buy the one that will more than meet the criteria of price and quality.

Another important feature that you should look for when buying a treadmill is its size. If your apartment is small, foldable trainer is what you need, he will not occupy much space, and stationary, as if they were not attractive, still largely designed for fitness rooms.

General selection rules treadmill

When buying a treadmill, primarily come from its purpose, secondly, on this basis, guided by their financial ability and, thirdly, keep in mind that to use this simulator, there are certain contraindications: various cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, diabetes mellitus.

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Perfect - after reviewing all the features and specifications of the treadmill you are planning to purchase, you still consult with a specialist. In this case, you will not spend money in vain, and secure or improve their health.

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