Choose a pillow to sleep on a pillow types and their purpose

Man spends sleep one third of his life. At this time the body needs to relax. But quality rest it turns out, unfortunately, not always. Blame many factors: ventilation of bedrooms, the time of going to sleep, emotions with which man is sent into the realm of Morpheus, etc.

The pillow is an important element, which largely depends on the quality of sleep. The choice of this accessory should be approached very carefully, because the cushion serves as a support for the head and cervical spine. As a result of sleeping on the wrong pillow can a person earn the curvature of the spine and to deal with such a problem, as inexplicable at first glance, headaches.

Before you buy a pillow should define the criteria that it must meet. Depending on the pose, which people often take into sleep, you should choose pillows of different stiffness. For those who are accustomed to sleep on your side, will fit tighter pillow, those who sometimes likes to sleep on the stomach, need a softer pillow. Sleep on your side requires a higher pillow than sleep on the back.

If the pillow is designed for a long sleep, it freely must lie not only the head but also the neck. All sorts of "rollers" are not suitable for recreation. They can, perhaps, short NAPs during the day. When choosing the size of the pillow should take into account the width of the shoulders. For broad-shouldered men should choose a higher pillow.

When choosing bags, you should also pay attention to the filler. There are two main categories of fillers: synthetic and natural. Of course, natural fillers more environmentally friendly, but the use of these pillows is unacceptable for Allergy sufferers, in addition, such products require careful maintenance. Synthetic pillows are less finicky and are much cheaper than those, which was used natural filler.

To create pillows use the following natural materials: feather, feathers, wool, silk, natural latex, various plant charges. In synthetic pillows as filler often act: hollofayber, sintepon, comforel, silicone. Sometimes for filling pillows use visco-elastic foam with memory effect".

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Bedroom accessories is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to monitor their purity and must occasionally be replaced. This will make night stay as comfortable as possible and complete.

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