Choose a mattress in a crib

So the baby is comfortable to sleep in his crib, you need to choose the right mattress. There are selection criteria that are important for child health facilities.

1. Safe design.Baby bedding in the crib can be springless or spring block. Most importantly, the design was sufficiently elastic and had a flat, hard surface. These properties provide the horizontal position of the spine of the baby with the natural curves of the back. Therefore, the presence of the spring unit is an absolute advantage. It is best to choose a mattress, in which the springs are located in the United state, and a rigid insulating interlayer. In cheap embodiments, this layer is absent, resulting in the mattress loses its shape. Regularly being in such a "hammock" the child runs the risk of spoiling your posture.Memory foam mattresses based on different combinations of coir (coconut fibers and natural latex, synthetic latex and polyurethane foam - a great alternative spring models.

Buying a cotton or foam mattress is the worst option because of the low elasticity of the material, as well as dangerous ability to absorb moisture. Excessive softness of this mattress - factor overheating children and you have diaper rash.

Exist and compromise model - mattresses bilateral rigidity. Newborns are placed on the hard side. After a year, when the weight of the baby will become more and bends back almost formed, can be laid on the soft side.

2. According to the dimensions of the crib. Ideally, if the gap between the mattress and the wall of the children's beds are not more than 3-4 see Otherwise, the child may get injured her back the pen. If the mattress is greater than the cot, he will not be able to lie flat. And this is a threat to the child's spine.

3. The quality of the cover. The outside of the mattress are covered with wool, or cotton jacquard cloth. To keep the fabric in pristine condition, still not worth it to leave the mattress in plastic packaging. Moreover, it will create discomfort in operation (shuffling), but will quickly lose their properties due to the lack of access of air to the filler. The presence of bilateral summer and winter cover allows you to create thermal comfort for the crumbs. Optimally, if the cover and filler treated fire, antifungal, dust impregnation. Information about this is contained on the packaging of the mattress.

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