Choose a mattress for the child's future

In anticipation of the birth of a baby, our thoughts fills buying different things as needed and (blouses in different colors, not a limited number of socks, diapers and other things). But all this fuss, we forget about one very important thing is the mattress for babies. When choosing a mattress should pay attention to the workmanship of this product and its safety (after all, he is chosen for the newborn). The following parameters are orthopedic effect and size. This article will describe all the parameters in more detail:


A quality mattress should be hard, at least up to three years. Because immature spine on a soft mattress receives additional load. If your decision is to buy a soft mattress, it is worth remembering that scoliosis is formed at an early age. The most important thing in the mattress is filler, let it be natural. Good ways filler is coconut shavings, horse hair or natural latex. These materials are very expensive, but on children's health is not worth saving. The mattress should choose a more expensive and better, because very soon the child will sit in the crib or play active games, and not cheap quality mattress will quickly lose its appearance and functionality.


The size of the mattress should strictly conform to the size of the crib, not to die and not leave free space, it should not be not ravesta.

Orthopedic effect

The mattress is desirable to choose an orthopedic effect that our kids grew up with a beautiful back. Unfortunately, these mattresses are more expensive but they are worth it.


When buying a mattress for a newborn should require a certificate that guarantees the quality and environmental safety, which is very important for young children because they are at the beginning of his life is very helpless. It is better to choose natural materials, because synthetics are not beneficial to the future baby. Also for mattress you need to choose on matraszek. My choice is to stay on the case of jacquard fabric. Since it's more durable fabric than with all the others, such as cotton fabric and cotton. They are deteriorating rapidly and lose its shape.

And in General, the selection of children's clothes should be taken with all seriousness, because your child's health is in your hands.

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