Choose a mattress for healthy sleep

Will the morning cheerful and health back and joints depends on how and what a man sleeps. Some suggest to throw away the pillow, others argue that sleep on a hard wooden surface will save you from possible diseases. However, doctors recommend to go to the land of Morpheus lying on quality orthopedic mattress.

What is memory foam?

The mattress can then be called orthopedic, when he copes with the task of maintaining the body in a comfortable, correct position for the treatment of existing and prevent possible deformation of the body. Prices on mattresses may vary depending on the filler and the type of mattress. Consider the basic types of mattresses.

Types of mattresses

The main division is into two types: spring and springless mattresses.

The spring mattresses in turn can be dependent and independent springs.

In the first case (a cheaper option) under the quilted surface and a layer of filler will be spring, intertwined in a certain way. This is somewhat impairs its anatomical properties, because of how compressed spring in a particular location affects not only lying to the people, but also its "neighbor".

The pocket-sprung mattresses same shape as the body accurately. Each spring is isolated with the aid of tissue and works to support yourself. The most common is the standard by which per square meter of the mattress has 256 independent springs. The cost of such products is quite high, especially if it has multiple zones of different elasticity.

The second type is a springless mattresses made of natural and artificial materials, such as latex, polyurethane foam, foam rubber, felt, polyester, wool.

The most popular ones today materials - coir (coconut fiber), latex (both natural and artificial), horse hair. They provide the necessary rigidity and elasticity needed for the health of the spine and a good night's sleep in a relaxed state to its owner.

Price springless mattresses, if the manufacturer makes it breathable, i.e. provides vents for good air circulation. This is an important factor to ensure the comfort, after all, everyone in the dream is quite sweats.

To argue about which mattress is better, can be very long, citing various reasons. However, such thing as "best for all" in this case is not and cannot be. Each person is unique, with its own forms, weight, growth, and therefore you should choose should be based on their own experiences. Coming to the store, it is necessary to lie on different mattresses, the body itself will tell you which one suits him best.

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