Choose a massage chair

When choosing a massage chair in the first place it is necessary to consider the problems that it will solve it. There are many chairs are not only able to replace a massage therapist, but even exceed its capabilities.

The market offers a large number of models of massage chairs. To select a suitable model would need more time to understand the options and opportunities seats.

The first model of the massage chair was invented by the Japanese. Over time, and the Americans began to produce similar devices. All this has led to the fact that there was competition in the market, and hence prices on chairs began to decline. And now today, a massage chair can afford almost everyone.

The principle of operation of the massage chair is based on the ability to produce a variety of massages, changing the intensity and targeted to specific areas of the body corresponding to the finger movements of the hands.

Massage chairs are equipped with various sensors and sensors that provide a comfortable massage to anyone. When the display shows the body weight and other parameters of the body, making take into account the individual characteristics and selected the type, duration and number of massage treatments.

There is a prejudice that a massage chair is unable to provide quality massage that will make a specialist because people are more aware of the intricacies of the human body. This is incorrect, the chair allows you to provide more effective massage, compared with masseurs because performs the same operations, but with mathematical precision.

The following types of massage chairs:

using rollers knead, stroke, tap tissues and muscles of the body. There are 4 , 6 and even 12 roller, in more expensive models. Roller effect allows you to stretch all muscle groups for 15-30 minutes.

- air bags provide a delicate effect on the soft tissue, and are used to gently massage the thighs and buttocks, and a relaxing back massage.

- vibrating force is oscillatory waves, depending on the frequency, intensity and duration, they have different effects. Weak waves activate the nerve fibers, and a strong beneficial effect on the internal organs, including the heart.

Many models combine different types of impacts, and the memories allow you to save an individual program of favorite kinds of movements.

Massage chair provides comprehensive health benefits to the entire body with regular use. It is therefore important to choosing a massage chair to approach responsibly, as this will depend on the success of the procedure and your health.

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