Choose a diaper for the baby - important parameters

Each woman who became a mother wants to give the child the best. Childcare is not only the care and affection, but also everything that surrounds the baby. You need to find the right crib for baby, safe clothing, high-quality toys and many new mums are not without reason concerned about choosing a really good quality diapers, perfect baby. Indeed, in stores and pharmacies presents a huge selection of assorted, not always quality products.

Among the main distinguishing features of diapers:

• size (determined by the child's weight);

• style;

• price.

To correctly determine the size of the diaper, it is necessary to pay attention to the numbers shown on the package (for example, 4-9 kg). They marked the approximate weight of the child, which fits this model. Of course, this indicator is very conditional, because fatness and growth of children will vary. Cannot categorically deny the fact that "good" child who is skinny, but has a weight of about 7 pounds, will look great diaper, designed by the producers at 3-6 kg. To determine the size of the diaper, which will suit your baby, only by trial and error.

Often, diapers one size, made by the same manufacturer differ markedly in value. The thing is that they contain a different number of absorbent material, and its quality may be different. In more expensive models - more quality material which ensures high efficiency of use of the diaper. Usually, the names of such models contain prefixes "premium", "super", "extra".

Among young mothers are of the opinion that the difference diapers for boys and girls is to cut the product, but it is not. Membership of the diaper to a specific sex of the child is determined by the placement of the absorbent. The model addressed the boys, contain large amounts of this substance is closer to the abdomen, and for girls in the center of the diaper. There are also universal model. The absorbent material distributed evenly over the entire area of the product.

The seller-consultant child store it is advisable to ask about additional functions of the selected model of the diaper. The product may be present: microporous polymers, which improve air circulation at the surface of the skin; biostatics components that suppress the growth of bacteria. The advantages of diapers can be counted: high-quality zipper, Velcro, special structure and composition of the adsorbent, the use of cream aloe, accelerated absorption of fluid, etc.

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