Choline will protect the baby from many illnesses throughout his life

It is believed that the development of mental illness uncontrollable. Although, actually, it's not. As shown in clinical study, the risk of developing mental illness can quite effectively be kept under control. For those mothers who are afraid that their child during their life will become a schizophrenic, scientists are advised to take choline in the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

American scientists have found that choline in small doses has a positive effect on fetal development, status of pregnant women, and reduces by 42% risk of occurrence and development of schizophrenia in the child.

Choline is not necessary to consume in the form of health supplements, which many mothers, not without reason, are treated with suspicion. This substance is in such natural products, like liver, eggs, nuts, fish.

In addition to all these advantages, choline has the ability to positively influence the whole person, as well as the condition of his liver. Choline reduces the risk of child depression, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and senile dementia in the course of his life.

Looking at the lists of diseases, it is possible to understand that the most positive impact choline has on the brain.

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As recalled by the authors of the research involved the consumption of choline especially not worth it, as in any organism, especially in pregnant women, should be balanced.

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