Cholesterol reduces the chance of successful conception

Scientists have proven that high cholesterol in men and women significantly reduces the likelihood of successful conception. Data were established during the observation 501 pair. Often the child could not conceive couples with high cholesterol, writes Live Science.

Note, problems with infertility neither one pair was not. Cholesterol, the researchers note, increases the time required for conception. The research assistants took blood samples at the beginning and after conception. Blood was tested for the amount of free, total cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and total fats.

For the year of the study 347 couples conceived a child. During the analysis of the blood revealed the relationship between the level of free cholesterol and at the time of conception. The link has a special relevance. In many respects the cholesterol reduces the probability of conception, as it accelerates the aging process. Often in people with high cholesterol is diagnosed obesity, which reduces fertility.

Cholesterol is necessary for normal functioning of cells, but it increased the level interferes with the synthesis and the work of female and male sex hormones. Hormones provide the necessary quality of sperm, the processes of ovulation, implantation and maintenance of a child.

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