Cholesterol level depends on the weather - the study

Scientists have found a link between the level of cholesterol in humans and weather conditions. Proven: the highest rates of cholesterol recorded in winter. The data established by scientists from the Center for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases Zikkaron.

Cholesterol level largely determines the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system. Scientists at the Centre conducted a survey of 2.8 million people, has determined the level of harmful cholesterol, complete blood lipid profile. It was found that in the winter time, this indicator is more pronounced. In men in comparison with the average figures he is above 3.5%, and for women - 1.7%. Interestingly, the good cholesterol usually remains unchanged.

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The fact can be explained by two theories. First, in winter, people consume more food, including fat, less moves, gaining fat mass. Secondly, in the winter decreases the level of solar radiation, oppressed the synthesis of vitamin D, and vitamin d, according to scientists, forms a connection with harmful cholesterol.

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