Cholesterol is correlated with the development of blindness in the elderly

Conducted by American scientists, the study found that drops instillation in the eye, which are designed to lower cholesterol, can prevent the development of one of the most common types of blindness. Experts were able to prove that the presence of high cholesterol affects the immune system and can cause macular degeneration. After the tests, the results of which were published in the journal Cell Metabolism, it was found that the immune cells begin to deteriorate after they become clogged with fat.

Under the macula refers to the point in the eye, which is responsible for the smallest of details. It is necessary in order to drive, to read and to remember people's faces. Retinal degeneration begins most often in the elderly. It manifests itself in the form of dryness, which resulted in the damage of photosensitive cells of the eyes. There is also a more dangerous variant of the disease, during which the formation of new vessels, which lead to blindness.

Specialists from Medical school at the University of Washington investigated the role of macrophages in the transition from the dry form of the disease to wet. According to one of the study's authors Rajendra Apte, due to the changing role of macrophages new vessels. Usually these cells "eat" the fat, and then send them back into the blood. But according to the research, old macrophages are struggling much worse. They continue to "eat" the fat, but to send them back just isn't working out. Because of this, they cause an inflammatory process that causes the formation of new blood vessels. Although this research is in its early stages, scientists hope that the results will be the basis for creating drops that help to lower cholesterol, thereby helping in the fight against a disease that leads to loss of vision.

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