Cholesterol increases the risk of breast cancer

Cholesterol is a substance having a double impact on the human body. Cholesterol is involved in the formation of cell walls and defines their plasticity. Increased its concentration in the blood is a predisposing factor for atherosclerosis. Recent research conducted by American scientists, prove carcinogenic effects of cholesterol.

It turns out that this compound significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. Often the level of cholesterol increases in obesity, diabetes, just the wrong lifestyle. Cholesterol, getting in the flow, has an activating effect on isolated cancer cells, located in the mammary glands. The lack of an adequate immune response may lead to the formation of tumor metastases.

Data were confirmed by scientists from Duke University (USA) and published in the journal Science. In particular, the article talks about the special effects derived cholesterol - 27HC. This substance has the same risk as the increased concentration of estrogen (female sex hormone). It is noted that 75% of breast cancers develop as a result of hormonal imbalance.

Scientists have found a relationship between the level of 27HC and degree of activity of the cancer. In addition, cancer-dependent cholesterol, is worse were amenable to treatment by special means in the education of resistance.

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The experiment was conducted on mice, however, the researchers note, the mechanisms of cancer are the same in all living organisms. Thus, the fight against high cholesterol and its derivatives will help a person not only to improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, but also to protect yourself from additional carcinogenic effects.

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