Chokeberry enhances the effect of chemotherapy - scientists

Scientists from the field of Oncology was established, Aronia berries enhance the effects of chemotherapy. While we are talking only about the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The berries contain a large amount of an extract of chokeberry. Substance helps in killing cancer cells, causing their natural death, according to Medical Express.

Aronia - view Aronia contains a set of vitamins and antioxidants. Extract from the berries tested on cancer cells of the pancreas. The results have surprised scientists - berry amplified the action of chemotherapy.

Extract kills cancer cells for 48 hours at optimal concentration. Even when the concentration of the working substance to the maximum healthy cells remained unharmed.

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Note, previously, scientists tested the chokeberry extract on cancer cells of the brain and received positive results. Apparently, the effect is the result of the antioxidant activities of polyphenols. Substance at high concentrations found in grapes, peanuts, turmeric and green tea.

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