Chocolate will help in reducing the levels of total and abdominal fat

The chocolate is quite a useful product, the scientists believe. Quality chocolate is not only the concentration of fast carbs for brain food, and trace elements necessary for human body. Before scientists have found that chocolate helps in reducing weight in adolescents and adults. The data were published in the journal of Nutrion.

The research team from the University of Granada has conducted a study, which examined various diets and their impact on children and adolescents. Just was investigated over 1400 people. It was found that children who ate a lot of chocolate, rarely suffered from Central and General obesity. The study considered the performance of the waist, the thickness of the fat folds and body mass index.

The fault of the researchers was that they could not determine what kind of chocolate was consumed by teenagers. It is worth mentioning that previous researchers have found that people who frequently eat chocolate, rarely suffered from obesity.

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