Chocolate to combat chronic cough

Chronic cough can be overcome by using chocolate. English scientists have discovered in cocoa chemical compounds that reduce the symptoms that are manifested as acute and chronic cough.

About 300 patients 13 British hospitals with a constant cough participated in clinical trials, where for 14 days twice a day they were assigned to receive natural chemicals theobromine, for which is used the raw ingredient of chocolate. After the test, the patient's condition has improved somewhat.

According to scientists, eating a bar of black chocolate every day, you can provide your body with the active compounds is sufficient to overcome chronic cough. However, it is not a panacea, and if you don't get treatment, the symptoms will return. Many cough seized from time to time (especially in cities).

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In the experiment theobromine has been used in a quantity not exceeding one dose of 1000 mg For comparison: each 30 g dark chocolate - about 450 mg of this substance, in a normal sweet chocolate - about 150 mg and 60 mg in milk chocolate. According to scientists, do not forget about the undesirable effect of daily consumption of chocolate, including about the weight gain.

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