Chocolate tablets will help in the fight against strokes and heart attacks

Experts from America came to the conclusion that the systematic use of chocolate helps the body cope with stress on the cardiovascular system. Scientists say about chocolate as a means of facilitating the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

During the research of the American scientists have observed around 18 thousand people. It turned out that a small piece of chocolate every day reduced the risk of strokes, heart attacks, stabilize blood pressure.

The secret lies in the composition of high-quality chocolate. Real cocoa contains large amounts of flavonoids and vitamins. These substances slow down the aging process of the heart, postpone the onset of a heart attack or stroke.

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Scientists have proved his theory in practice and patented technology for the production of chocolate tablets with a maximum concentration of flavonoids. It should be noted that previously, all attempts failed: flavonoids tend to disintegrate during processing. Modern techniques make it possible to preserve all the beneficial properties of chocolate and to concentrate them in a small pill.

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