Chocolate is recognized as a tool that improves blood flow

Swiss chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has received permission to promoting chocolate as a means to help with vascular pathologies. This happened because scientists have recognized: flavonols contained in cocoa, help to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and the dynamics of blood flow in the normal state, according to The Malay Mail Online.

This company became the pioneers. Before that no one could use in advertising such facts as benefits for the body. Now this statement will be on each bundle or box of chocolates produced in this factory. To allow this kind of advertising was given after the study of cocoa powder Acticoa, which is used for chocolate production of this brand.

Scientists have proven that the consumption of every day to 200 mg of flavonols helps maintain normal dynamics of blood flow. It should be noted that natural products that help vascular patients are rapidly gaining popularity.

Concentrated tomato juice, such as FruitFlow allow to improve the quality and dynamics of circulating blood. The juice contains substances that inhibit aggregation (sticking together) of platelets and their accumulation in blood vessels. The manufacturer notes that this process usually leads to the development of thrombosis and stroke.

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