Chocolate is a product of mass consumption

In Russia chocolate had 20 years to acquire the status of normal, everyday product. According to VTSIOM, Russia 79% of the population pureball chocolate products. The production of chocolate and its derivatives on the territory of our country is half the entire confectionery industry.

The reasons for this "chocolateman national scale rather than used by the producers of chocolate. For example, Russia is a "record" number of official holidays and weekends, which continue from year to year increase. And how to celebrate and relax without chocolates or chocolates on the table? So chocolate is becoming a staple.

Russia is a country with long winters and harsh climate. Everyone knows that chocolate is a high calorie product, an indispensable property of which is excellent energy recharging.

Blues for Russians quite familiar psychological condition, get rid of that helps the chocolate is a proven antidepressant.

According to the census, the population of Russia by 46.3% presents men and 53.7% of women, the latter has long earned the reputation of an avid sweet tooth.

It turns out that the chocolate has quietly become the companion of our daily lives. The result of the natural needs of the body in sweet or artificial suggestion advertising?

Of course, advertisers have made a significant contribution to the popularization of chocolate. Chocolate products occupy a leading position in food products. What reactions and feelings are trying to call the manufacturers using their advertising projects?

Chocolate is a very tasty product. So, advertising focuses on the unique taste of this delicacy.

Chocolate nourishes and satisfies hunger. Many commercials explain that before the chocolate was bought for receiving pleasure, and now for saturation.

"Ode" chocolate can be completed by the reminder that it can be used to improve the emotional state, as well as to stimulate the brain and prevent cardiovascular disease.

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