Chocolate helps with stroke - scientists

Scientists have proved that in the process of splitting chocolate intestinal bacteria happens the release of anti-inflammatory compounds. The main flora involved in this process - bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. Milk chocolate for intestinal flora is an excellent nutrient medium, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. Anti-inflammatory compounds positively affect the overall state of human body, reduce the risk of stroke and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

To prove their theory, the scientists from Louisiana state University has tested three cocoa powders. They recreated the human digestive tract. It was found that the antioxidants are well absorbed and digested in the colon, as there used to be necessary fora.

Bacteria break large molecules into smaller ones. It promotes better absorption and absorption in the intestine. When the fermentation process releases anti-inflammatory agents. To feel better, enough to consume a couple of teaspoons of cocoa a day.

Scientists warn: chocolate and sugar can have a negative impact on the state of your shape.

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