Chocolate and yogurt as a remedy for insomnia

German scientists came to the conclusion that yogurt and chocolate can help fight insomnia, as these products have a property that is able to calm the nervous system.

Their impact is similar to impact of warm milk, which is advised to take at night with honey, in order to sleep soundly. Yogurt and chocolate affect the nervous system within fifteen minutes, after which their effectiveness is lost. But this time enough to get to sleep.

Soothing properties of the above products due to the presence of tryptophan - an amino acid which is contained in milk and its derivative products. Tryptophan raises the level of serotonin, a substance that affects sleep and mood. In addition, tryptophan increases the amount of melatonin which helps the person to fall asleep faster. And the sugar that is found in chocolate and honey, which nourishes the muscles and helps to deliver the tryptophan to the brain.

In addition to milk and dairy products, the content of tryptophan found in meat, eggs, peas, soybeans, beans and nuts.

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