Chlamydial pneumonia - causes, symptoms, treatment

Chlamydia is small in size microorganisms, which in turn are obligate parasites that multiply inside the cells.

Each of the varieties of chlamydia can cause in humans, a disease such as pneumonia. As chlamydia pneumonia penetrates into the human body?

S. Pneumoniae transmitted from one person to another through the secret ways of breathing. C. trachomatis is adjudged to person through sexual contact. C. Psittaci - infection occurs from infected birds by inhalation of air containing the particles, excreta and secretions. In most cases, infection occurs after communication with parrots and pigeons.

We should also mention psittaci pneumonia. Currently this disease is extremely rare, but with regular frequency. Adults get sick more often children. This is because children are much less likely to communicate with birds.

What symptoms does chlamydial pneumonia?

If we talk about S. Pneumoniae, most often this disease does not pronounced symptoms. Sometimes children and adults can begin mild pneumonia or bronchitis. As for the elderly, they have this disease may cause reinfection. It should say that the incubation period lasts approximately 3 - 4 weeks. In addition to the above, the hallmark of chlamydial pneumonia is a very hoarse voice and a strong pain in my head. As for the temperature, in most patients it is normal.

The main symptom of chlamydia pneumonia is a cough. It is present throughout the disease. In most cases, the cough is dry and poor discharge of phlegm.

How to cure chlamydial pneumonia?

Actually to cure this disease is quite difficult and will require considerable efforts. The main drug that is prescribed during treatment are antibiotics. Take them to 10 to 21 days. Term depends on what form has pneumonia and its extent.

Addition of antibiotics to patients prescribed:

- Multivitamin;

- Immunomodulatory drugs;

- Enzymes;

Tools for combating fungi;

- Prebiotic. During treatment the patient is contraindicated sex, alcohol, and spicy and salty food. It is also worth to say that in the course of treatment should be monitored closely for personal hygiene (for example, to change underwear)

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