Chips cause problems with mental development in children

Many doctors do not talk about the harm of fast food, rich in fats and cholesterol, it is becoming less popular. Saturated fats, preservatives and additives do such harmful food. This increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, conditions arise for the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. The use of chips at an early age, scientists say, have problems with mental development. Risk are young children up to four years.

The authorship of the research belongs to the scientists from Bristol University, who discovered the development of brain pathology children through consumption of chips. Substances included in the composition, leading to the deterioration of memory, such children are more difficult to concentrate on a specific task. As a rule, problems with learning and behavior in the team.

The reason, scientists say, lies in saturated fats, which in the chips is enough. Excessive number of them leads to impaired development of the nervous tissue of the brain that is critical in early childhood.

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Scientists and doctors warn parents not to give children fatty foods from fast foods, chips, crackers. In the future, it can lead to serious consequences.

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