Chinese surgeons have operated on a newborn baby with four arms and legs

On the eve of China's baby was born with four arms and legs. The reason for such a rare pathology was the connection with the immature twin on the prenatal stage of development. In fact, doctors are faced with one option Siamese twins. Surgeons successfully performed surgery and removed the extra limbs.

Eased the situation surgeons the fact that the second fetus had no head and internal organs, in this case, the experts would have faced a number of technical and moral difficulties. In the early stages of pregnancy, a woman had planned the birth of twins, however, the second fetus was underdeveloped and joined with his brother in the chest.

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The weight of the baby after the operation was 2.4 kg in Addition to surgical pathology, the young patient was found intrauterine pneumonia and heart disease, but these diseases do not represent a big threat for the baby's life and is quite common among Chinese children.

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