Chinese Supplements cause cancer

One of the most popular Chinese dietary supplements provides a greater number of mutations as a consequence of a greater cancer risk than cigarettes. Medicinal potion that is supposed to help with arthritis, gout and inflammatory reactions is really dangerous tool, writes AFP. Aristolochia acid, genetic traces of which were found in the tumors studied , is a derivative of the plant carcasona winding . Tumors caused by her actions touched the upper urinary ways.

About the carcinogenic action of acid has been known for a long time. But only recently science has been established that it causes more mutations than Smoking and ultraviolet light. Such tools have been banned in 2001 in the USA and in Asia in 2003. However, in some countries these drugs with aristolochic acid continue to be successfully sold.

If we talk about numbers, this acid causes 17 times more mutations than Smoking and 1.5 times higher than UV radiation.

Kennen Kinsler, Professor of Oncology at Kimmerston cancer center Johns Hopkins says that the current knowledge about toxins and their relationship to the emergence and growth of tumors can give information about what the relationship between the localization of the tumor, its appearance and how she toxin related.

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