Chinese soup burned a hole in my stomach visitor restaurant

Twenty-six young people decided to taste the soup in China, for which he paid. The soup was so hot that it burned a hole in the stomach, writes The Daily Mail.

It all started with the fact that the man ordered in the restaurant was very hot soup, which is a Chinese national dish, and after a while he curled up from the piercing pain that literally tore his stomach.

He got worse, and then he went by the throat blood. Arrived the doctors were hospitalized young man, where it was later revealed that the soup burned a hole in the wall of the stomach.

Traditional Chinese soup consists of Szechuan pepper, chilli and spices. There are varying degrees of severity of this soup, but the young man chose the spicy version.

Statistics show that 15 cases of appeals to the hospital with pains in the stomach triggers it spicy hot food. In addition, in many Chinese restaurants instead of natural ingredients added cheap synthetic that further aggravate the injury.

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