Chinese scientists will be able to cure stuttering during the week

Researchers from the University of Beijing found areas in the brain responsible for stuttering. Scientists are confident that this defect can be eliminated, writes In the course of the experiment from stuttering fully recovered 15 patients.

In the experiment conducted by researchers from Beijing Normal University, was attended by 41 people. 15 of them stuttered constantly, but received intensive treatment. The remaining 26 subjects, where half of the patients had the same defect, the treatment is not exposed. After the course partial reprogramming the brain, in the first group of patients who have undergone therapy, decreased thickness and the degree of activity of the field, which is called the Pars opercularis. This area plays a critical role in colloquial speech.

During the intensive treatment participants were required to repeat for researchers dvukhsloynye words, and after to utter the words aloud, as shown in the pictures. During a one-week course of therapy, the patients underwent 3 sessions of these exercises daily. In addition, subjects had to develop new forms of speech. Working according to the method of the Beijing scientists, stammering patients were able to relax certain areas of the cerebral cortex.

Consequently, after a week of this therapy in the 1st control group of people stuttering almost ceased to disturb the subjects. I want to note, before there was an opinion that the predisposition to stuttering laid at the gene level.

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Experts from Washington University in St. Louis proved, speech disorder, which manifests itself in violation of its rhythm comes from structural disorders of synthesis of cell proteins encoded by the genome NAGPA. The researchers ' conclusions are based on statistics that showed: the NAGPA gene mutation that destroys the protein immediately after synthesis, found in people suffering from stuttering.

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