Chinese scientists want to beat cancer by altering genes

Innovative cancer treatment from Chinese scholars interfered in the human genome. Until you plan the first phase of the experiments to modify DNA in vitro. As the main working tool for scholars to use the editor CRISPR-Cas9.

There is evidence that in the cells of the immune system strong is the impact of the gene for PD-1. Its function is to prevent the immune system to attack healthy cells and tissues. As soon as violations occur in the gene, the immune system gets out of control.

Scientists suggest that intervene in gene PD-1 can change the situation with cancer incidence in General. In one of the first experiments in volunteers will take T-lymphocytes and change them. Further material will be injected back into the blood system. It is expected that this technique will allow to slow down the course of a tumor process.

Note that similar experiments had already been carried out on laboratory mice. Were received expressed positive results. Now, scientists have received permission for the same study, only with the participation of volunteers with cancer. "The new technology, if successful, will represent a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer," says one of the employees of the University hospital of Sichuan province Lu Yu.

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