Chinese scientists intend to give an explanation of human genius

To date, the largest scientific institution, which is responsible for interpretation of genomes, is the Beijing genomics Institute. Specialists of the Institute have started the search and identification of genes, which in the seventies of the last century were due to the mathematical abilities of adolescents who were considered the most intelligent people on the planet at that time. At that time, was based organization that unites children with math skills.

Since August last year, researchers studied nearly 1,600 people, who in the past had an extraordinary ability in the field of mathematics and at the moment have succeeded in this area. Gathering the necessary information and genetic material has been completed, and now scientists are conducting the appropriate analyses of the obtained data. In the next few months and Chinese specialists will publish the first results of his ambitious project.

The amount of DNA collected by scientists, is sufficient, and the participants of the experiment are smart, IQ exceeds 150. The data that scientists are going to get will be subsequently compared with the genomes of 10,000 ordinary people with average intelligence. They will be included in the control group.

It should be noted that many colleagues and scientists from China belong to this undertaking fairly skeptical, citing its opinion that the sample is not reliable enough, and besides, there are many factors which can influence the genius of the man. Meanwhile, Chinese geneticists believe that the experiment will yield positive results.

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