Chinese scientists have grown a tooth from the urine

Scientists at the University Guangzhou conducted a study on mice, which were able to create a tooth from the urine, writes the journal Cell Regeneration Journal.

The beginning of this study put the theory that in the urine may contain stem cells that can be grown in any biological tissue, including tooth.

Scientists were able to grow this mouse tooth, consisting of all its parts, including dentin and enamel. Unfortunately, the tooth turned out to be not so strong as "original", but scientists are not going to stop.

However, European scientists with skepticism refer to similar experiments. In the urine, they claim, very small number of stem cells, in contrast to the harmful impurities, of which there are plenty.

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With all this Chinese scientists do not lose hope and continue the experiments. They have learned to charge from the urine of electrical appliances, now is to grow teeth. Even if such experiments are not useful in practice, they can initiate new theories that will be useful.

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