Chinese scientists have discovered a gene loneliness

Scientists from China have tried to understand the psychology of a person and to establish the cause of loneliness among a certain group of people. Part of the problem, it turned out possible to explain "the genome of loneliness". Its the owners of 20% are often left alone in life.

Data were installed in the study of genetic material 600 volunteers from among the students. In the analysis the researchers found two variations of the gene 5-HTA1: "G" and "C" variants.

Questionnaires and psychological analysis of students showed that the holders of the gene 5-HTA1 "G" often faced with loneliness, than the holders of the "C" version of the gene.

In the case of version "G" in humans produces less serotonin, the happiness hormone. The lack of substance provokes depression and apathy, increased nervousness. Such people simply harder to build social relationships.

While the question of intervention in the genetic apparatus of the human being is not, scientists suggest more positive attitude to life and to communicate more with friends and relatives.

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