Chinese scientists: enterobacteria can cause obesity

Due to the experiments conducted by scientists from China revealed that enterobacteria can cause an increase in weight. As you know, enterobacteria are an integral part of the intestinal microflora of any person or animal. The results of the analysis showed that this type of bacteria, especially of Enterobacter cloaca (Enterobacter cloacae), contain stimulating the development of obesity lipopolysaccharide (LPS).

The activities of enterobacteria was studied in mice. They were divided into two groups, each of which intensively fed. After some time, those mice, which was introduced bacterial culture, was seen overweight, reports Вести.Ru.

The experiment was conducted on human beings, also revealed interesting facts. For the volunteer, the weight of which was 174,9 kg, was developed by a special diet, which included traditional Chinese food and whole grain cereals.

The correct diet together with a course of probiotics, which normalize the intestinal microflora, for almost half a year has helped to reduce the weight of Guinea volunteer more than 50 pounds. This was due to a reduction of enterobacteria in his body from 35% at the beginning of the experiment, to less than 1% at the end.

Together with being overweight volunteer parted with hyperglycemia and hypertension.

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