Chinese scientists collect data on congenital defects

Chinese scientists Shanxi province has launched a unique project of recording data on congenital diseases and defects, says Xinhua. The information obtained will be subjected to in-depth analysis and will be available by the end of 2013. At the moment there is already blood 1,200 people to the presence of various defects.

Scientists have noted that in the region of Shanxi, one of the highest rates of congenital malformations. It is planned to prepare a table of diseases and abnormalities, which will be the full database. The data will help you better understand the mechanisms of these diseases and may give impetus to the development branch of medicine, which is responsible for the prevention and treatment of such diseases.

Congenital defects are abnormalities that develop in the womb. Most often diagnosed pathology of the heart, nervous system, bones and skin. The highest number of manifestations are hydrocephalus and cleft lip (cleft palate).

Chinese scientists are concerned about the number of defects, and believe that the situation requires intervention. Malformations are one of the full cause of death in the country, and the reduction of their manifestation to help to improve the health of a huge number of people.

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