About the unusual event in the life of Chinese physicians told Fox News portal. Doctors found in the ear of the girl living spider, who managed to twist in the outer ear passage the web. The spider was situated on the eardrum, it created great discomfort for the girl's life, she constantly complained of pain in the ear.

Chinese physicians found in the ear of the patient a living spider

Although such cases are rare, there are several interesting findings that are described in medical journals. For example, 16-month-old girl, doctors found in the ear passage of a dandelion that had sprouted and reached the size of almost two inches. Doctors miraculously removed the plant without serious complications for the patient.

Another relatively favorable environment for plants is light. The 75-year-old man from Massachusetts physicians found sprouted peas. At first, everyone thought that it was cancer. A similar case occurred in Russia: Artyom Sidorkin from the lungs, the doctors removed 5-santimetrovy escape fir.

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