Chinese medicine - acupuncture or acupuncture

Acupuncture as a treatment method, have emerged since ancient times, when man was able to map specific points on the body with a variety of painful processes in the body. The founders of acupuncture can be considered not only China, but also Egypt, Tibet, Nepal and India. But he described the acupuncture Chinese medicine.

For the treatment of acupuncture is used all acupuncture points, through which it is possible to use some organs of the body, or affect the entire body. Acupuncture restores the Central nervous system, alter the General reactivity of the organism, analgesic and eliminate secretory and motor disorders, stimulate the trophism of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum 12.

Acupuncture points along the energy channels connected with diseased organs and combined with other points. For example, points on the back and neck (back) are associated with points in the lower back and lower extremities. Or point the left lower extremity points of the right upper limb and Vice versa.

Nowadays all the acupuncture points located on the energy channels, given their names, that depends on the type of disease, a topographical description. On the same authority can influence various points. Therefore, they were grouped according to certain lines - energy channels.

During the session, thin needle slow rotational movements injected into the desired acupuncture point. The patient feels pain, mild pain in the form of a weak electrical impulse, heat, ache. To perform acupuncture resolves to the high sensitivity of the organism and children. The insertion of needles into points located on the chest and abdomen, perform on the exhale

Many experts introduce the needle through the metal or glass tube, using the method of clicks. In practice, often used microneedle with a sharp end and a handle in the form of curved rings. Such needle leaving the body within 2-8 days, fixing them with adhesive tape. Using a special hammer can irritate the energy channels bunches of needles in the cylinder, hammer insert 7-11 needles with a length of 10-15 mm

Needles can be inserted under direct acute angle and nearly horizontal (angle 10-15S). The depth of injection is chosen individually. In areas of the fingers and feet, neck, chest and belly, near ear and worn on the head, on the tip of the nose deep injections cannot be performed to avoid damage to large vessels, traumatic neuritis, pneumothorax, injury to internal organs.

In the first 3-4 sessions put only 3-4 needle, at exacerbation - 5. A week later, the number of needles increases to 6-7 in the course of 2 weeks.

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