Chinese mandarins were brought to Sakhalin viral infection

The CPS reports that Chinese mandarins have caused the rise in the incidence of rotavirus infection on the island. Infectious curve this winter has shifted. Usually in the winter leading position is occupied by poisoning. In 2014, the same marked pathological incidence of rotavirus infection.

In connection with the entered epidemiological information, a study was conducted fruits from the markets and shops, which were identified relevant groups of viruses on the surface of the mandarins, imported from China.

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The CPS and infectionists believe that you must be careful to approach the process of buying products. Do not trust the street stalls and spontaneous outlets. In addition, the fruit should be thoroughly washed, and after this procedure wash hands. Then the chance of infection superficial infection is minimal. If you do not follow these rules, the viruses are easy to get with hands on flesh, causing infection.

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