Chinese doctors: swine flu is not more dangerous than conventional OCR

Doctors from China are urging people not to panic about a possible pandemic "swine flu", citing the fact that swine flu is no more dangerous than conventional OCR. Last weekend, the media has reported that in Beijing from the virus "swine flu" has killed two women: 22 and 65 years. These are the first victims of the H1N1 virus since 2009 year.

According to the Deputy head of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases in Beijing, Deng Ying, despite the fact that the "swine flu" is a potential threat, it is not as dangerous as he was in the first time after its occurrence, as Chinese doctors have all the necessary tools to stop it.

For the last week of the previous year was taken 375 samples for analysis, of which 92 showed a positive result. According to Chinese experts, 25 percent is a pretty high degree of spread of the virus, and it is higher than the same period of 2008.

But at the same time, the Deputy Director of the above-mentioned center assures that at the moment, the situation differs from the situation in the winter of 2008-2009 for the better. Recall what happened then peak incidence of "swine flu".

As noted in an interview with Dan John, the strain of the H1N1 virus is the same threat as other influenza viruses or colds because their peak also falls on the autumn-winter period .

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